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This is why Meditation is so essential in our life.

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

So where am I anyway?

As I sit down at my kitchen table and place my morning coffee to my lips, a million mirages appear before my eyes and seep into my heart.

My mind races at warp speed to make approximations and comparisons of the world around me, in the same way my ancient anscestors did.

Tea time | Oceania Meditation
We are desperate to understand what is happening!

The coffee aroma dredges childhood memories of my father's love for the full bodied flavour of the liquid and pleasant times spent at inner city Italian coffee shops echo in my mind.

The steam wafting from my cup is a mist, not unlike a magic veil in animated classics.

Every object, colour and placement of the elements in my room have been subconscious choices, made to appease the judgments, memories and fears which guide my lifes path.

The truth is that I am not really present in this world... I am not really here. I am trapped within a illusion...a prison of my past.

A prison within my own body, my Karma and the trillions of habits that I have accumulated throughout my life.

I cannot truly see, I cannot feel appropriate emotions and I continue to make poor judgments about everything and everybody in my life.

No wonder so many people are so desperately unhappy, afraid and confused.

Old couple meditating | Oceania Meditation
This is why Meditation is so essential in our life.

Little by little it melts away the delusional images, thoughts and inappropriate emotions.

It rips apart the clutter of images that continue to haunt us.

It resolves the pain, the suffering and the insecurities. It leaves us as who we really are, in the world that really exists. Meditation wakes us from our suffocating dreaming. It frees us.

The Meditation Method which we follow at the Sydney Meditation Centre and at the multitude of our international centres, is so amazingly simple.

All it takes is a will to lead a better life and the patience to practice the Method.

Bit by bit the Meditation peels back the layers of our delusional thoughts.

It really works.

If you are not already meditating, contact our centre and join in our free introductory guided meditation sessions.

You can start your journey towards feedom today.

Why not give it a try?

Geoffrey, Sydney, Australia

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