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How To Be A Good Parent | What would be best for our children?

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

If you are to be a good parent, you need to become a true person.

This way, your children will be emotionally stable because you will treat them with true sincerity.

Accordingly, you will live with a righteous mind, which will, in turn, make your children live righteous lives. Therefore, they will not suffer in life.

A person is incomplete because one lives inside of his mind world, which is false. Living life is difficult becuase one lives with suffering and burden, and also lives with countless unreasolved questions and doubts.

The most valuable way of life would be to discard one's mind world, which is false, find the true mind, and be born in the true world and live.

The way to become the best parent is to live in a way that will make you become Truth.

From "How to have a meeting with God, Buddha, Allah"

I used to get so upset and stressed because of my son. As I started meditation, things started to change.

Jenny, Sydney Meditation

David started meditation following her mother.

"My mind is calm and I can concentrate more on what I am doing."

David Ngyuen, Son

You and I know we cannot stop the mind.

There is now a method to get rid of all these thoughts that come and go and free ourselves from the stress and pain.

I am forever grateful I found this meditation, it is simple to follow and simply works wonders. Thank you!

Mumbi, Perth Meditation

Today, I learnt that the mind is the source of anxiety!

Rocco, participating Kids Meditation at Mandurah Meditation

This meditation has helped me so much with my outlook on life and I feel so grateful for everything.

The method is simple and has allowed me to not stress on daily issues, I feel so happy and appreciative. As a teenager in my last year of school and Tafe, it can be stressful but the method allows me to feel more comfortable and allows me to focus more on school and study.

I couldn’t recommend this meditation enough to everyone as well as students, the benefits are amazing. Thank you.

Ireland Wylie, Western Australia

Teenager meditating | Perth and Mandurah Meditation
Meditation for Youth
This meditation helps me as a teenager and helps with all my bad thoughts and with all the stress I get as a teen.

It helps me sleep better at night and do well in school. Thank you.

Evan Wylie, Mandurah WA

What is Meditation?

Explained by Cass and Evan from Mandurah Meditation

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