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How to become Rich | How to live well

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

For a person to become rich, one needs to have a heart and mind big enough to have the capacity to be a rich person.

One should have confidence in what he does, and have a benevolent mind to be in harmony with other people.

In addition, one should not have regrets about the past or worries about the future so that he can just work on what he is doing at that moment.

The way you live today is your life in the future.

When you have the mind that is able to devote yourself to today's work with all your might, and when you have a big mind and a personality that can accept others, you can become rich.

Online Meditation looking out the ocean | Oceania Meditation blog
Meditation in the nature

When you cleanse your mind so that there are no obstacles and hindrances coming from yourself, your mind becomes the mind that is free from thoughts, which are delusions.

And when you work diligently with that mind, focusing only on the work that you do, wisdom emerges and so you can live well.

From "How to have a meeting with God, Buddha, Allah"

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