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If you have recently stumbled upon this Meditation..

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

If you have recently stumbled upon this Meditation, or if you have already been practicing it for a while... You are truly very, very lucky and blessed.

You have found yourself on a pathway to a better life.

At first the Meditation may seem to be simplistic, however like all great ideas, it is it's simplicity which reveals it's true genius.

A simplicity so perfect, like the sunrise, a birds song, or the melodies of Paul McCartney and the drawings of Pablo Picasso.

A genius that can guide you to understand who and what you really are.

A Meditation that can relieve you of the pain and suffering of the world you believe you exist within.

A Meditation that will lead you to understand, that there is "only the universe"..

A Meditation that is so pure.

Realise and accept how lucky you really are and concentrate on the process of "discarding that which is false", which is all that troubles you..

Meditation truly is your freedom.

Meditation will change you for the better.

Trust it!

Simply Meditate.

After a relaxing meditation session, letting go of all our thoughts that do not serve us, everyone was so happy to share their thoughts and experiences.

Here you can hear the benefits of meditation shared by five different people, with five different points! Enjoy!

00:07 David from Auckland, (New Zealand) about Motivation

01:03 Steven from Perth, (Australia) about Action Meditation

02:06 Mona from Sydney, about Her meditation journey

05:46 Robin, from Sydney Meditation: Clear your mind, Enjoy your life

07:00 Caroline, from Sydney, about ‘Wants’

( "If man were to have no wants : )

07:57 Robin, about Unconditional Happiness, 'A condition is just a condition'

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