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It is time to really see | Time to wake up!

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

Day after day we do the same thing... the same old drudge, hardly ever any different.

Days fly by and weeks begin to merge with one another. Soon it is difficult to remember what year it was that we went on that special holiday and sometimes it takes a second or more to remember exactly how old we are.

sand clock | Meditation Oceania blog
Time to wake up before it's too late!

Just like the tick and the tock, time always passes. It seems like it is eroding away at our lives, in the same way wind weathers the bricks of our houses.

We are living in an illusion of sameness, where hardly anything changes and if it does it is because of some major or tragic event, which momentarily shakes us out of our stupor.

In actual fact we are living within a highly transient reality. where absolutely nothing remains static and everything undergoes continual change.

Remember those flowers in your special vase? Day by day the petals began to droop and fade. Hour by hour their physical form underwent change.

plant in a vase | Oceania Meditation blog

The reason that we feel that nothing ever changes is because we are not actually looking and observing the world around us. Instead we are caught within a repetition of memories and habits, trapped within a world that appears to be static.

The truth is that the only thing which is really static, is our own perception of our world. It is our delusional vision of reality.

We are not really looking.

Our minds dredge up the images from our past and we fall into the habits that have accumulated over time.

We have become slaves to the beat of the culture we have been born into.

Mostly unseen by us, the world in fact is ever changing!

Every second of every minute is subtly different and will never ever repeat.

Through Meditation we can discard the cobwebs of our mind, which cloud our vision.

Through Meditation we can discover the world as it is.

Through Meditation we can actually live.

We can learn to feel the real beat of the "Universe" we belong to.

It is time to wake up!

It is time to really see.

It is the dawn of new beginnings.

Experience Life.


If you would like to learn more, please visit our website, or join in on one of our free online guided Meditation sessions.

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