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Life Advice :How to change your life for the better

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

The reason and purpose why humans are born into this world is to become complete, eternally never die, and live happily.

Beautiful ocean picture | Oceania Meditation blog
Let's live with the mind of nature

If you are to live a life of happiness and freedom without suffering and burden, you should first discard your incomplete, false self. By doing so, if you recover the complete self before anything else, you will always live a joyful, happy life.

A person's first priority is to discard the incomplete self, which only gives suffering, burden, and stress, and find one's true self, be norn in the true world, and live. Then, you will be successful in life and in wahtever you do.

Above all, become a true person. Then, you can live well without feeling stressed about what you do.

Now is the era to eliminate the self, the stress.

From "How to have a meeting with God Buddha Allah"

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