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Meditation Down Under | Centres in Australia and NZ

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

Interested in meditation? Simply take action and start now!

If you are in Australia, simply click on the nearest local centre and start your journey!

Sydney Meditation

Sydney Meditation is located in Rhodes, offering daily meditation classes both online and on site. You can easily book your free introduction from the website and start the journey! Also, make sure to have a look at their blog as it has a lot of interesting and inspiring articles and stories!

Brisbane Meditation

Brisbane Meditation, located in a very covinient place in Nundah, offers a daily guided online meditation as well as in-person sessions. Please check their opening hours and more information from the website below.

Meditation classes and membership | Brisbane Meditation

Melbourne Meditation

Located in Werribee, Melbourne Meditation has a positive and loving atmosphere.

Please check out their session times and other details from the website.

Meditation centre | Melbourne Meditation

Western Australia

If you are in WA, you are very lucky as there are two local centres!

Perth Meditation and Mandurah Meditation

Both centres are built beautifully and purposefully for meditation.

You will meet a lot of lovely, like-minded people who are simply eager to help you with the meditation!

If you are in other states where we do not have a local centre yet, simply join our online meditation and you can start this wonderful journey from the comfort of your home!

New Zealand

Auckland Meditation

Auckland Meditation centre offers a warm, welcoming and comfortable environment. All 7 levels of meditation are personally and professionally guided to cater to your unique needs.

The centre is open 7 days a week and offers classes throughout the day. The center has a monthly membership fee that covers unlimited class time. Please contact Auckland Meditation for more information.

If you are in Wellington, or in other parts of New Zealand, simply join online meditation and enjoy many benefits of meditation!

Just want to try out? Then, join Online Meditation Oceania for their Free Online Meditation!

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