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Q How Can I Build Confidence In Myself? Tips to boost your Confidence

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

If you have everything you need, does that mean that you can have confidence in yourself?

I believe that achieving your life goals, or having a supportive spouse is not in fact the essential ingredient in building confidence in yourself. Throughout my life, I have come to realise that I am a weak, useless and toxic influence in this world. Accepting I am a false being, then makes you feel confident.

Meditation tips to boost your confidence
How Can I Build Confidence In Myself?

1. Do not think of the far away future.

I live only for today. I do my best in every action. This attitude has helped to make me humble.

2. Do repent before going to bed and

I look back at how I lived my day. I remember what I did, and what kinds of thoughts I had. I discard all things through meditation.

3. I very much enjoy my life now

Many people talk about earning money. But I want to enjoy my life with the things I have already. I want to share my talents with to those who need it. Time passes by and is lost forever. We can’t use money to buy it back. We must appreciate and live for each day, we are lucky enough to experience.

Donna Seo, Youth Meditation Instructor

P 190 Inner Peace from the book "How to have a meeting with God, Buddha, Allah"

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