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Story Telling

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

As humans we have developed storytelling in our everyday lives, as a means to justify and explain our actions and decisions.

We communicate by framing our stories with a start, a middle and an end.

We place arbitrary starting points and ending points on our ideas to enable them to function as a narrative.

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This helps us to understand, communicate and live within our world.

It brings us comfort.

Almost every communication is in fact framed as a story.

Like so many other elements in our lives this turning communications into stories is delusional.

We have inadvertently created multitudes of false delusional worlds, where each and everyone of us lives within.

It is these delusional worlds which seperates us from the true universe we live within.

These delusional worlds are manufactured by our many habits, Karma and inherited body characteristics. To lead a better life we must free ourselves from delusional thoughts.

You too can shed any pain, suffering or confusion which is part of your false self.

Meditation will free you from the false world you are trapped within.

Find out more by reaching out to your local Meditation Centre in Australia and New Zealand to experince a free guided Meditation experience.

By G. Clifton Sydney, Australia

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