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The Best Meditation : The reason and purpose why people meditate

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

The reason and purpose why people meditate: Because humans are incomplete, they meditate to become complete.

Completion means falseness becomes Truth. When falseness becomes Truth, there is no further meditation to be done.

There are numerous kinds of meditation practices: meditation where you contemplate one topic, stillness meditation, breathing meditation, and meditation where you focus on your gaze on a candle frame.

However, for a person to reach human completion and to achieve the purpose of meditation, it is not possible to achieve while one's mind still remains. Without discarding one's mind, one's body will only become fatigued from all the sitting.

If you subtract and eliminate all of your false mind, Truth will exist in your mind, and you will enlighten as much as there is Truth in your mind.

Then, only the true mind remains. From there, if you are born again in the true world, Truth is within you and the Land of Truth is within you. You can achieve human completion and become a saint.

Group Meditation Class at Auckland Meditation
Meditating together at Auckland Meditation

This meditation of discarding the false world and being born in the true world is the ultimate meditation.

Once you achieve human completion, there is no further meditation to do.

From "How to have a meeting with God Buddha Allah"

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