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This meditation is for ALL people, not only for people who suffer from any kind of illness.

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

On my road to recovery from the Bell’s Paralysis, I found a treasure in this meditation.

I originally started this meditation because I developed Bell’s Palsy, (a type of Paralysis) and the doctors said that I needed to find a way to relax and relieve my stress.

One day while at the doctor’s surgery I picked up a pamphlet about this meditation. When I read it, nothing really made much sense to me, but the pamphlet stated that it was good for releasing stress. So then and there I made my decision to go.

I went to the Centre judiciously and when I confirmed level one (1), I knew that this was what I had been looking for. At the end of this first level, I was able to understand more within the lectures. My body felt healthier and my mind more relaxed and freer from my many false thoughts. I found that I could now work and do things without stressing. I could enjoy life freely and with more inner peace.

This meditation is for ALL people, not only for people who suffer from any kind of illness.

In my case illness was the path to find this meditation, but I sincerely encourage ALL people to do this amazing meditation until the end. Thank you.

Sandra G. / Sydney Meditation

How to heal your entire body and mind

People are peculiar because their minds are unnatural - their bodies and minds are off balance. People are unnatural becuase they cannot become one with the righteous world, and they cannot live in the world because they live inside their minds.

To heal your body and mind, you should get rid of your false human mind world, be born again in the world, and live there.

Then your body and mind will be completely healed.

From "How to have a meeting with God Buddha Allah"

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