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Updated: May 19

This meditation is amazing, it has helped me in many ways and made me realise we are all living in our minds but we can discard our mind/thoughts and live in peace and truth!! I recommend this meditation to anyone no matter what their circumstances are!!

Monica, Sydney, Australia

I’ve learnt what true love is, especially with regard to my family. I have also learnt about true happiness through this meditation and I am truly grateful for that. Before meditation, I only lived for my ‘self’ selfishly, only to satisfy my needs and I asked my family to follow my will and I insisted that I was always right.

I tried to persuade them and teach them, so they could see from my perspective, and it caused a lot of conflict and pain. I created an image of ‘my loving family’ in my mind and didn’t acknowledge that each person has a different mind, and I ignored the difference.

Now, after this meditation, I live accepting and respecting each person with a positive mind. So, now there are no conflicts, there is no stress or worries. I truly feel the love and preciousness of my family. This is true joy and happiness. Thank you.

Lina Choi, NSW, Australia

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